The power of Haveyoumet

You reach the best professionals

By posting a job opening on Haveyoumet, you can reach the people with the right skills directly through the business networks.

The Reward activates!

Anyone who recommends someone can earn the reward. The Social Recruiters make the right match with someone from their network. They earn for example €1500, - and you get your new employee.

Reach those who are not actively looking for a job

Through the social networks, HaveYouMet reaches both job seekers, and non job seekers. The latter is unique because recruiters are not able to reach those.

Publishing a vacancy is simple


Sign in with your Linkedin-account


Fill out the vacancy form


Set the reward and start recruiting!

What are the cost?

Starting fee is € 150, -. If you find a new employee via Haveyoumet, you pay for example € 1500 to the social recruiter and Haveyoumet gets 30% of this € 1500.

Doing the calculation looks like this:

€ 150,- + e.g. € 1500,- + € 450,- = € 2100,-

Compare that with the rates of a recruiter!