The power of the Social Recruiter

You know a lot of people

You scan regularly the updates from your network. Job openings from companies get your attention. You recognize both functional requirements as company profile.

You know who wants to switch jobs

When you talk to someone, you often talk about work. You know if someone is happy in his job or open for new opportunities.

Your knowledge of people is rewarded!

By matching companies with people in your network, you become a Social Recruiter and you are 1 step away from the €1500,- reward.

Start now with good recommendations!


Browse to "Jobs" and recognize someone from your network in the description


Explain why your candidate is a match


The perfect match = minimum amount €1500,-

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When does a Social Recruiter receives the reward

On the first working day of the new employee, the social recruiter has completed the mission. The person that did the first recommendation for this candidate will receive the reward.