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High job demand requires innovation!

With HAVEYOUMET everyone is a recruiter!

This is how HAVEYOUMET works

Mart verdiende €1500 door een kennis te koppelen aan een bedrijf met een openstaande vacature.

Bekijk zijn verhaal

Andres vond binnena 4 weken een nieuwe junior account manager door de kracht van social recuitment.

Zo werkt het!


Social networks already know who your new colleague is

Search for your needle in a pincushion, not in a haystack! Find the professional who fits you!

Your new colleague has a job already

With HAVEYOUMET you will find the professional who wants to change jobs for you!

Small price, great gesture

At a fraction of the price an awesome new colleague and a social recruiter having fun with the reward!

Become a social recruiter, make €1500 euros.

Help an employer to a new colleague, help someone from your network to a fitting workplace.

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